Storm of Passion

Storm of Passion

A contemporary erotic romance short story.

Seth Forester has wanted Lori Hollingsworth from the first moment he saw her in that hot pink bikini two years ago. And it’s no secret that Lori has a crush on Seth. The scorching kiss she gave him at a party a few months ago confirmed it. But if he gives into his urges and pursues her, he could lose his hard-won career. Lori is the boss’s daughter, and Seth has already been warned to stay away from her.

When Seth finds Lori upset after a date gone wrong, and a thunderstorm fast approaching, he has little choice but to take her to his condo. Though they’re both drenched to the skin, their attraction heats up like the lightning outside. No matter if his boss kicks him to the curb, Seth can no longer resist Lori. It’s not just her body he wants, but her heart.

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"Loved the pent-up longing of Lori and Seth. But no matter how they try, they can't put out the spark of desire. Nicole North does not disappoint with this story. As she has also done with her longer works, in Storm of Passion, she creates a believable and satisfying romance." Liz Falkner

"Nicole North definitely has a talent for creating sexual tension and this book bears testimony to that talent. Seth and Lori are strong characters who steamed up my Kindle with their pent-up yearnings for each other. As a fan of Ms. North's work, I found this new erotic short story quite the satisfying read!" Carol Burnside

"Another sizzling romance from Nicole North! I've really enjoyed her Scottish romances and this one is just as good. Many erotic romances fall short in both the plot and romance departments, but Ms. North has a knack for creating complete and fulfilling stories as well as super hot love scenes. I look forward to whatever she has for us next!" V. Fowler

"This story by Nicole North grabbed me from the very beginning and didn't let go till the last word. Storm of Passion delivered just what the title suggests. A storm of erotic sensuality is unleashed when Seth and Lori shelter from the weather and give in to the attraction they've been hiding from each other for so long. While the story might have been shorter than the usual fare from this author, it is no less powerful. I found the characters fully developed, their story believable, and as a reader I was easily drawn in and completely invested in the outcome. This is one hot romance! I love Nicole North's writing and highly recommend Storm of Passion as a delicious taste of what she can deliver in erotic romance." Robina