Workshop: Description and Detail

Description and Detail: Bringing your story to life
Instructor: Nicole North
Date: TBA
Fee: TBA
Though often relegated to the sidelines, description is a vital element of romance writing. Without effective description, the reader won’t experience the characters, the emotion, or the world you’ve created. But how do you know when you have too little description, too much, or the wrong type? How do you craft fresh, vivid setting descriptions that the reader won’t skip? How do you write action scenes that plunge the reader into the midst of a battle, a chase, or a shootout? How do you paint a visual of the hero or heroine that’s different from all others? We’ll explore why it’s important to “show” the reader all the necessary information through strong, specific description and detail.
Topics covered:
Showing vs. Telling
How to avoid a static list of setting details.
How to describe characters in unique ways.
How to create dynamic action scenes.
How to make everyday actions interesting.
How to show character emotions the reader will feel.
How to use the five senses appropriately.
How to incorporate historical detail without the history lesson. … etc.
This is an interactive online workshop with exercises and critique/ feedback from the instructor. Workshop will be conducted via a Yahoo group. Lessons will arrive at your email inbox.
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