Workshop: Instinctive Characterization

Instinctive Characterization: How to Create Sexy Heroes and the Strong Heroines Who Love Them
Instructor: Nicole North
Fee: TBA
Date: TBA
The romance genre is primarily character driven and those characters need to feel as real as you or I. How do you create characters the reader will fall in love with? If characters don't magically pop into your head fully-formed and three-dimensional, how do you help them come to life without forcing them to be someone they're not? We'll use several tools and methods to develop characters instinctively including:

How to use GMC (goals, motivation and conflict) to create active characters
Discovering and using our character’s backstory
How do you make characters empathetic and likable?
What is a great (real life) personality test to use for character development?
How do you use archetypes?
What is a fatal flaw?
Characters and conflict
Characters and deep POV
What makes a hero sexy and a heroine strong?
Describing and naming characters
...and more

This is a new, interactive online workshop with exercises and critique/ feedback from the instructor. It is a private workshop held in a yahoo group. The lessons will come to your email inbox.

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What past students have said about this workshop:

"In all honesty, I have to say it was a real joy taking this course. You are a wonderful instructor who went above and beyond when we needed extra help. I definitely plan on taking more of your seminars. I've already recommended this workshop to my friends." ~ Kris McConville

What past students have said about my other workshops:

I've been taking a lot of online workshops, and yours was by far the best I've taken.  What I loved most about it is that the lessons were very clear, the content was super-interesting, and the amount of assignments was reasonable. Your commentary was so encouraging and helpful, too. Oh, and did I say it was FUN???
~Judy R.

"You're such a great teacher. Nobody has ever been able to explain what "show don't tell" really means until you and this class, and it's like this beautiful discovery that has made working on my last scene harder but infinitely more satisfying. "

"Not only have I learned so much from your lessons and comments, but also from the others in the class and your responses to them. At some point during this course, I realized I was now able to objectively look at my own work and critique it. Somehow, a switch in my head flipped, and now it all makes sense. I understand how the pieces fit together. To me, this is such a watershed moment.  I learned a ton in this workshop, more than I could have imagined. It’s easily the most enjoyable and informative workshop I’ve taken."

"Your comments and suggestions to my work and to everyone else's were very insightful. It was kind of a revelation to me to see your suggestions for edits that would transform the work--surprising to see how sometimes a very tiny change could make a huge difference. It stretched my imagination to see so many different people's approaches to the same premise. Great workshop! I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much in just an online class. Really a great value too!"

“You have a gift for teaching while at the same time boosting self-esteem. It was a pleasure to read your comments. One of the many things I liked about this class was seeing your editing of submitted writing. I understand/get from examples shown quicker than reading what not to do.”